About us

Przetwórnia Owoców
i Warzyw S.A. is located in central part of Poland , in Warka - near Grójec. This area is situated in the biggest fruit-growing area and makes up the richest base of such resource used for manufacturing and processing fruits and vegetables.


Przetwórnia Owoców i Warzyw S.A. was funded in 1997 as a concern with Polish capital money. The company in 1998-2004 performed redevelopment of the plant.

These activities included building and redecoration processes as well as purchase of modern industrial appliances. During 8 years of our activity we have consecutively improved technology of production.

These days Przetwórnia Owoców i Warzyw S.A. is a modern company, which have:

  • preliminary freezing chambers used to store fruits and vegetables in temperature
    from 0 °C to -10 °C of load up to100 tones
  • deep freeing chambers of temperature -25°C of load up to 1200 tones, used to store prepared products, i.e. frozen fruits and vegetables

The main goal of our actions is:

  • Producing frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Producing aple, blackcurrant and cherry extracts
  • Producing freeze fruits and fruits' pupls
  • Buying fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Storing fruits and vegetables and frozen nutritions

Przetwórnia Owoców i Warzyw S.A. is not only manufacturer but also exporter of frozen fruits and vegetables, which is proved by 80% share in export in most of the countries of European Union, such as: Finland, France , Great Britain , Germany , Netherlands.

05-660 Warka       ul.Gośniewska 51a        tel./fax +48 48 667 29 09       e-mail: pow@pow-warka.pl